my life feels dead, all i need is revenge on the one who did this to me
sometimes i have dark thoughts about my mother
my age is ugly
I took pictures of Shauns arms so I can cut in his patterns
Shauns dark eyes haunt me, and only then I feel safe
I just want shaun to know me, like I feel I know him.
I wish I would have kissed you that night in SA Tx. Shaun.....
Being normal is my biggest fear
I am gonna eat ur brainz.
i wanna slap your ass while you call me daddy
you know what....i hate you and you and you....god damn anarchist
ass feet punch
All you emo biatchs should end it all right now......
ending it all seems like the right thing to do
I'm afraid of growing old.
i love seether
I just want something, I can never have...
I wanna start a band but I have fears of failing and I only have lyrics thus far
I wonder if the bankd ever reads any of this shit....
i wish i was dead
Hmmmm I wonder how often this updates. . .
i'm afraid of not knowing him forever
i think that my ex girlfriend is a slut because she slept with a guy within a month of knowing him after dating me for a year and 7 months
Is excited I used this song to tell off an ex
i think i might be pregnant but i dont know how to tell my husband and our roommate do to the fact that they both think its a bad idea i didnt plan this eather i dont want thing i still havnt lost all the baby weight from my 1st....
I have more sec with my ex them my own boyfriend..
things were never easy for me and they still are not
I cut myself.
sometimes i feel like hiding away from the world
I cut myself up for the past 5 years....now i'm 8 months clean. but i still have to live with the scars every single day. there's no release like a blade...but it's not worth it...i wish i knew then what i know now. i'm sick of having to hide....
i don't think i want to be with him...i think it's just easy...
Even though he treated me like shit and broke my leg, even though i finally left him, i still miss and cry over him
Fuck every one who hates me
shaun makes me feel funny in my downstairs ;)
i just need to get fucked
Sometimes i wish someone would just kill me, stik a knife in my neck, and end all that shit,... Go to hell, (like the otherpeson) and take everyone i HATE with me
Kirsty has a dream about Gifford dancing, i so jeuolous
im in love with my bestfriend and she is a girl, and i am a girl. but i dont think i could ever go anything with her. lol. wow. ok
i want to be this girl kirsty.. I love her
I'm so shit skared of this wooden Cow in my kichen, i've had night mares about it
I still have feelings for my boyfriend's ex-bandmate....
I'm afraid to throw my heart into another dead-end.
Do i continue to go with what i feel? Or do i stick with what society says is right. If only i knew then, what i know now about myself.. things would be differnt
I hate when people complain, or live in the past. STFU and deal with the situation, damn it. Get off your ass and DO something about it.
Someone needs to stop the fucking reloading... it's annoying.
annnnnd on top of all that you bring the straight 30 ranking to the table too (what what.....:-)
Cheering me up after a bad game, constantly putting a smile on my face, I have never fallen for anyone this fast, thanks for all you do you're an incredible person, I hope you know that...
this never works for me
Because of things like you and I this world not much for the eyes, and I dont know if you can tell but this is starting to hurt like hell, still everytime the hours due I cant help but think of you
I also want a divorce/ but dont want to hurt anyone
Im cheating on my bf of 6 years with the man I have been in love with forever and I don't feel bad about it at all.
marriage sucks
who would masterbate to a negro president
every day i live to wait for my time of death, why must it come unexpected?
i wish i could really tell the customers what's on my mind.
I hate money, yet I need it more and more just to pay the ongoing bills that never end.
I love another man other thn my own and cannot stop thinking about him!! I love him with all my heart I prray to god he straightens out hislife so he can see hwat happiness truly can be
I love her and would give up everything for her but she doesn't want that, and she wouldn't do the same for me :(
i wanna die shes hates me
I'm in love with my best friend... And the other night he told people in front of me that we'd only ever be friends cuz he'd fuck it up... I wanted to die.
sometimes i think that people should go back to living in caves, then things wouldn't be as complicated.
my ex dumped me 3 years ago and left me for one of my friends. I still hold a grudge against her now, and repeat over in my head what i could have done differently.
i think about him every day but he will never love me cuz hee cant
i gotta crush on a hairbrush.
i always somehow get stuck in long-distance relationships, which i hate
I love the person my ex used to be before she changed, and i don't like her at all anymore, but i still like the person she used to be and i can't let go
i am afraid to love
i loved someone so much that i ended up hurting them and now i am afraid to love again
I'm so fucking tired of my husband and his damn drama. Tomorrow, I'm filing for divorce and going to make plans of moving out West. Just want to be free from all his bullshit!!! Wow that does feel better!!!
my careless whisper is that my youth pastor molested me when i was like 10-13 and now i am 21 and where is he, still a youth pastor and now even a teacher. wtf....


Sometimes I want to die dramically, while bringing someone to Hell with me
Religion scares me
I'm too small to bother with
The worst year of my life was my 8th year of being alive. I was sexually abused three times, saw the cops coming because of me and almost drowned but no one noticed anyways.
I was pregnant by my cousin. It was the longest pregancy I ever had ... 6 months. But we had not talked since the miscarriage. I miss him and still love him.
I fell in love with my xbox buddy
Allmost everyday I wish to be someone different than me
I love my husband but not "in love". I don't want to hurt him because he is my best friend...but I want to be with someone else.
this is stupid sharon vanbrussel
he's on my mind more then anything else, but we're with different people
I wish I had always spoken my mind instead of waiting until now to stand up for myself
Why does life decide to suck for me
This page constantly refreshing makes it impossible to read!
sarap sexx aba
Life sucks then you die
If I could have any man in the world it would be the one that I cannot have isn't that sad so yeah I think I just want to die I mean really what's the point? He has my heart and so noone else ever can.
umm Shaun I like you better without that dumb beatch hangin on ya
peace pot and microdot
I think this is very gay I mean wtf is the point. If I have something to say and if its a secret I'll tell it to a friend? Is this so some perv at windup can perv out or wtf
Shaun looks like he is very uncomfortable with whoever the hell that dumb ass bitch is supposed to be in that picture.
Vodka and absynthe is a bad mixture, no matter HOW hot the guy that has to carry you home. t
this is osm shit! lololol
I love someone who cannot love cuz he's broken and someone loves me and I don't want it cuz I'm broken by the other
sometimes I want to rip my heart out and throw it at the wall
I want to move on but I feel like I'm betraying him, my heart bleeds for him, I can't stand to see his pain anymore
i wanna be with somone else...
I'm in love with someone I can never have.
I fear that I have grown up to be my mom.
when i see people staring at me, i act very scary, strange, and awkward to give them a show.
i have a crush on someone i have never met
Where were u 4years ago?? u r such a goof and a cutie. i wanna take a CHOMP our of your face!
3 hour phone conversations that seemed like 15min... you keep me smiling all day, and youve been on my mind everynight. i think i've met my match, but i married a stranger....
I absolutely love Shaun Morgan's soul. Anyone who puts that much of themselves into the songs they write is a sensitive, gifted poet.
They will never break me but they keep tring
I don't want to live with my mom anymore.
I'm nervous about tomorrow.
I am trying to get a clean divorce from a man who one minute tells me I am everything he wants and the next I am a manipulative bitch. Go away!
So tell me how you really feel?
i just need to get fucked
i know we're supposed to be together, i just can't find a way to make it happen
This page is f*cking retarded! It keeps reloading!
Sometimes i hate the human race so much.
I'm on the verge of getting engaged but I have little faith in long-lasting marriages. Every married man I've known is or is trying to cheat on his wife.
Why does this page keep reloading while I'm trying to read it?!
We bought rings and he has still yet asked me to marry him.......
We are going to try to have a baby and my mom is going to be pissed.
I love him but hes my best friend and we can never be together.my heart is breaking He is the reason I smile everyday
I'm still in love with her, even though I don't want to be.
me and my best friend have been haveing sex and i think i have fallen in love with him and he don't even know it
I like to stick fingers in my poo-hole.
i really love my girlfriend but she cheated on me with my best friend and i really want to kick his ass for doing this to me me and my girlfriend were together for 6 yrs and i dont know what to do shit my life sucks right now
Your wife loves my cock and balls.
i love him and he loved me. now what?
OMG Bees!!!!
i really love my girlfriend but she cheated on me with my best friend and i really want to kick his ass for doing this to me me and my girlfriend were together for 6 yrs and i dont know what to do shit my life sucks right now
I Have a little girl whom I so quickly abandoned before she was even born and I miss her so much
I think music of todays rock is trying to send a subliminal mesage in between the lyrics
Im afraid to live when I know Im closer to death everyday
WTF is up with this website!?!!? Why is it constantly reloading? I cant even read the shit!!
Get outta my heart so I can get you outta my head
I hate to love him and love to hate him!! Dam you Randy
I'm inferior.
Why is life important?
-->my ex girlfriend loves me still and wants to give us another shot. but my boyfriend needs me. i'm afraid he'll die if i leave him....so i'll stay with him forever...no matter how i feel about her...
if only she could grow up
I just want to know if he really loves me or just wants sex
Im Afraid of my Future if I Unleash my Past
I love someone other than my husband
never regret life
what if i don't make it, well i fall down again?
i don't feel the same anymore.
I feel surrounded yet i feel alone.
Why won't someone save me?
i wanna get laid
But she's fat! eew.
im in love
This one time...at band camp....
I am afraid of the color purple.
She got tired of all my shit, so she ended our friendship and never told me. And my best friend knew, and she didn't tell me. I hated her for that. I hated both of them.
Sometimes i think every single person hates me. That's when i start to hate myself even more.
i want to date someone 14 years older than me but i don't know if he thinks i'm too young.
I think i'll fit in, in the music industry.
all my best friends betrayed me in the same year and now hat won't talk to me.
I'm exetremly tomboy but it seems most people don't understand
I feel fat even though i'm not.
I care.
I'm not sure i like my sisters husband to be. But she loves him
even with everything that sucks in life i'm still happy :)
I'm scared to sing seriously in front of people because i might not be good
i write songs but i'm too scared to let people see them.
i don't care what guy pays attention to me i just care that one will,I just want one.
sometimes i think about dating my brothers way older friend
sometimes i get so angry and i don't know why.
i do things i don't like so i seem normal
i hate magazines cause they all tell you to not be yourself and then people well like you
i'm terrified to go to sleep because i dream of my dead aunt and a future i'm not sure i'll ever have.
what if my dream never comes true?
i hate math
i'm smart but i pretend to be dumb so that people well laugh at me
i don't want to go to college
i hide my pain through sarcasm and getting angry at the people i love most
my heart is full of love and kindness but i pretend to be selfish so that people don't know i care
i believe music can heal... and i want to spend my life healing people
am i pretty...
no guys like me and i don't know why they always want the sluty mean girls...
there was this crazy chick and on the first day we met all i had said was my name and she started telling me about her and her drug abusive boyfriends sex life and about her peroid cycle and how she might be pregnant....i was 12.
if i were a little older i would like to get to know shaun
i wish seether would come to maryland
i still think about my ex
i only stay with my husband for my kids. makes a person very lonely
I almost commited suicide 2 years ago...but i never told my mom until this year.
the lead singer is so f***ing sexy
i think the shaun off of seether is so sexy
I feel like a monster that's being bludgeoned to death by it's own regret. I don't trust or question your knowledge, only your understanding and apprehension
Why do I have to learn the hard way? You'd figure that after a while, I would learn to listen to advice.
I want to talk to her, but she's in a different league. Should I try anyway?
why can't I just go after what I want instead of settling for what I can get
i hate everything about me
I am in love with you Shaun!!!
we crawl on our knees for you...
I want Seether to come home to South Africa sooooo badly
moved to a different country when I heard my boyfriend bought a ring
He died, and I'm not sure I care
Damnit to hell, I hate this page. Why am I still on it
It sucks when you are not able to be yourself
is it wrong to fantasize about your wife's best friend?
Don't cry like a bitch when you feel the pain.
there's a thin line between loving you and thinking you're repulsive, and it keeps getting crossed. I hope I dont say anything to hurt you, as you are already suicidal
Im in love with someone I can never have.......
i married the wrong brother
I feel in love with my best friend. He is a guy.
if u rape a hooker is it considered shoplifting or rape
I wont stop doing drugs for you
i am numb don't feel nuttin also classified as a heartless bitch
my soul has been devoured by the asshole who stole my heart and never gave it back
Forbidden to Remember; Terrified to Forget
i am my own individual no one can change that
i hate preptards ( cheerleaders)
i want to be a rockstar but i am musically retarded
i am destined to be a lonely lozer for life and i am ok with that for now
Why can't anyone tell me what love really is?
No matter what I do, it's never good enough.
the thought of my immortality is cripiling and i can't take the chance of anyone finding out my dark secrets. The thoughts that go through my head are scary enough to make stephen king cringe in his sleep. i am a writer in training am i good or not
Every once in a while, I feel beautiful. Most of the time, I hate myself.
Everyone thinks I'm so strong, but it's all just bullshit. Inside, I'm just sad and alone. Why do I feel like I have to pretend?
death is so tragic
I fell for my best friend. He is a guy.
I'm in love with my best friend. He will never know.
i hate how this thing refreshes & you cant continue scrolling through to read anything...
I once fucked a midget stripper right in the ass...I mean RIGHT UP THE ASS. It was fucking awesome.
i've cut myself since i was 12, i'm now 23 and still battling against the razorblade
Suicide would be the sweetest embrace
Seether is # 1 in my book, that voice is the best ever.
Kevin Zorbo is the HOTTEST man around!
I hate my Dad, but I'm afraid to tell him...
I get really tired of hearing my friends say they are going to be parents. I'm envious because I am desperate to be a mother.
Never work for a friend.
im in lust with spankee mcgee i met him at clubfooot and he has a south african thunder snake
im returning to the place i swore i would never go back to. why? i love her.
I didn't testify because I was afraid my parents would know I dated him
My fear of commtment has made me break up after the proposal, four times
im tired of hearing about shaun.. can we say... obsession.. sheesh
i love him and wish i could tell him but that is just so not me and i'm afraid it will ruin the awesome relationship we have
there is this one song that always makes me think of him.. its our song.. i hate it..
the 1st guy i ever fell in love with is back in my state, he wants me bad but im married...i hate it cause i have ALWAYS want him
i hate my life rite now
i've been seeing a married man for 5 years and i'm fine with how things are
i feel lost without my ex
i dont ever want to get married
im still in love with my ex
i hope you are as happy as you pretend to be wait .. no i don't.. i hope that your miserable without me and regret it for the rest of your life.
i hope your happy with her, she will never be me
Even tho it was all a lie and your sick and twisted and i want to hate you i cant i think a part of me will always love you
i'm gay and no one knows
Nachos are the best...!!!
Ive been on this site for not even 3 minutes and the page refreshing is annoying me!!!
My boyfriend is an arrogant narcissitic asshole. I wish I had the strength to quit him for good. I know I deserve better then his lousy cheating ass drug addicted asshole. Crack destroys!
This song reminds Me of Me&My Partner!We are Strippers.This Song to me is a Lesbian Song!It reminds Me of 2 Strippers being on the Stage Making Love to it!Good thing came out of it Me&My Female Partner bought the Strip Club&Love It.2gether for8years.
I want to say I'm sorry, but don't know where to start.
My boyfriend is sure I don't cut myself, but what he can't see...
Shaun Morgan is a God, nothing to think about there
why do I not see my posts
Why do good people die so young
Does life every get easier?
I am not sure that I love my husband anymore
Its not easy being green, the past we must.
I'm melting
I hate almost everything about myself
i wished i played guitar for saron gas
i wish i had realised i love you and told you back when things weren't that complicated
i loved my best friend then she blamed her drug problem on me and shit when i tryed to be the savior but turned into the martyr and she left me for religon fuk her god
im afraid of my future if i unleash my past
gota crush on singer would do anything 4 him yumy
I'm still in love with my ex but i can never tell him cause we both have different lives now
i'm running to the edge of the world
I still love my ex but i must live my life knowing that i well never get her back because of what i have done
I would give up everything I have to become a great Musician. Music is my only passion, and I also secretly hate everyone and everything around me.
all i want is to be with her, if it wasn't for the distance i could make something happen.
i love my ex girl but her don't remember nothing of my love for ther
i love my ex girl more him can't remember me =/
i am in love with my best friend but im to afraid to tell him
I refuse to watch the news anymore... I like being happy.
Sometimes I want to drive my car into a tree when I think about coming home.
I am wicked horny...
I lost it and couldn't find a knife so I tried to cut myself with a pair of tweezors.
The other night I wanted to park the car, call someone to come pick up my son and just walk away.
I want my sister to die...
The Song Careless Whisper makes Me think of Two Bisexual Women Strippers Making Love on the Stage! Because that Happened to Me & I fell In Love with My Female Partner! We have been together for 8 years now & guess what We bought the Strip Club ;-)
I stuff walnuts in my anus
I don't know why I love her
I've completely given up on finding love...
my bestfriend made me his mistress
I fear clowns
I'm still in love with the guy I had my first kiss with. That was 2 years ago. And I'm 16.
"hold my wood so I can nail it"
You're so obsessed with your boyfriend that it sickens me, yet I wish I could have someone feel that way about me.
I sometimes wish he was someone else
im crazy 4 my bestfriends's ex and i dont know wat 2 do about it...
I just realized I'm going to work here til I die
Tell people that you love them it means more to them than hot sex, attraction, anything, just do it. Then date and find out it was infatuation :)
i want to love you but i'm not allowed
you people need to stay on twitter
Hello There
Sometimes I wonder if the only reason both of you are still friends with me is because I'm the only one who knows your secret.
I love to cut. Simple as that.
When she says she's with me she's really with him
He's in love with my best friend but I'm in love with him.
The person I love the most is also the person I hate the most :(
I wanted to be Shaun Morgan.Dude,fuck you are,have a great idea!
I'm waiting for the love of my life to arrive.
im in love with my ex... i dated her best friends sister...she still loves her ex... our exes are dating... i could see myself in the future falling for the best friends sister
I hate that it ended so early, and that he jus stopped talkin to me now i find out he's tryin to get wit 1 of my friends and even tho we were never together it still hurts
i hate myself
I hope life gets better...can't imagine spending the next 40 odd years depressed!
sometimes I feel like everything is falling apart and I just want to run away...but then I look at you and I know why I'm here. but Lately I look at you and I feel scared...scared of losing you
He may be smaller but he is better than you ever were you coward!
I feel like I threw my life away just by signing my name on that stupid piece of paper
i hate myself for all the things i do
i had sex with my wife with the window to our room open & 3 electric workers where outside
I love him but hes my best friend and we can never be together.my heart is breaking He is the reason I smile everyday
clayton i love u and wish i had never let u go
I really love him but hes my best friend and my heart is breaking because it can never be more than that....
i love him with all my heart and just let him go so he could be happy
I'm very outgoing and try to make everyone around me smile but I wish someone would do the same for me...
im afraid tht she will leave me for her ex even tho he his the biggest faggot in the world
i'm embarrased to say i love you more then i've ever loved anyone or anything at all
i told my dad to fuck off and i nvr want to see him again with no regerts and i still look up to him
We all pretty sure our friends boyfrient is homosexual but hes not ready to admit it
My biggest fear is that I'm going to become my mother and abandon my family and my future kids over a man.
sometimes i hate you because im not worthy of your love, i love you so muc hate
i feel in "love" with a stranger @ a show never said good by, saw the heart brake as i walled away i still feel like a b**ch
I'm still scared by things they've said and done.
I've have an eating disorder since I was 9
I love him, but he hates me
i only love him when he's in jail....i dont want him to come home
i overheard my stepmother admit who her son's father really is.
I know this is stupid to say, to feel like this, but when I picture and think about him wrapping his arms around me, I cannot help but feel safe and afraid all at the same time.
I fuck my ex more then i fuck my own boyfriend
I work for a computer company in India, MY hefty salary aint fuckin enough to pay the Loan that my Dad borrowed from the bank.I just need to call it quits in five years. And then i gotta Buy a Sony Digital SLR camera and then i gotta learn Guitar.
It never works out for me. I'm seeing someone who wants to take it slow, that was 4 months ago. I wish I could just find someone good for me.
i don't want to waste another day, loving you and not being able to say it
I don't want to have anything to do with her, but I still want to be something to her.
I hate my life, my landlady is driving me crazy, I wish I could cut my arms off and throw them at somevody :@
Feel the need of havin some1 to luv...
even though shes a complete bitch i can forget her... shes turning me back to the way i was...an asshole
my boyfriend is an ugly, lazy, fat person, He doesn't trust me at all, He Hits me when he's mad. When I'm But I can't leave him.
im all alone carrying my own loads by myself with no emotional support, and im married
i'm love a girl
i hate my self
i have to cut to orgasm... its awkward when i get hurt in public.
most nights I lay in bed and wonder how much longer I can keep up this false facade of composure and stability before I just end it all
I often consider what I would be doing if things were different.
I hate how you want dirty pics of me sent over the phone & how you talk perverted every day...you want me to marry you & I can't see myself being subjected to that EVERY day for the rest of my life!
love is. .well. .love is not everlasting ._.
i dont want to be alone anymore....... i want him


I want to talk to him, but i don't have the courage.
i love my kids
Sometimes I don't brush my teeth and see how long before people notice
why wasnt i this brave in the beginning
why does he keep calling me
i hav a secret admirer who has fallen for me....or is jus lying to screw me!!!!
I just started my job a week prior to some crazy chick that I work with telling me about how she's on the rag and how she can never predict when it's going to start. WTF.
Shes pregnant and no one else knows.
ive told the same lies and im in too deep, i dont know how im getting out of this one... without loosing everyone
Sometimes, I wish I could destroy the entire human race. Every last person, myself included.
when he makes me cry i think it makes him happy. when i leaven him i will be the one happy to see him cry!
I Love Ben with everything I have too bad he hates me
I hate life and want to die more than live another day as me.
i don't know why, but i hate niggers. its just in my blood i guess. watching them act like apes makes my blood boil.
im fucking someone else wife from work and he has just found out and im screwed
I wish you would acknowledge my existance all the time instead of just when you want something from me.
I still have feelings for my ex!!!
i think everyone would be better if i died...
i love her but i cant talk to her and it brings me down
I want be be a real vampire
why do I always meet the greatest women at the worst time?
I finally meet Miss Wright and she is married and lives 11 hours from me.
i love her with all my heart but she loves a loser
I need to be loved by a real woman
well my couz is being a dumn ass he thinks he can like kick my ass and shit i dont know what to do i fight with family everybody mad at me and so will my girl friend
i feel like i'm stuck in a cage, one thats been building for the past 4 years that i have been with you. are you worth it? I feel trapped.
i'm in love with two people and i don't know who to choose!!!
it pisses me off that this page keeps reloading while im reading it
I Think I'm In Love With My Best Friend...Even Though He Is Not My Boyfriend..
I'm dying and I haven't told my family or friends and won't.I will just leave my family behind because my children will be better off.
I can't help her, no matter how much I want to. I can say that I'll always be there for her but I just... I can't do it anymore. It's draining me...
She's leaving for Iraq soon and doesn't know how much she still means to me...
i love him but he doesnt give me a chance
just another day stuck in this place of madness and confussion is this a sick world or a hopeless illusion, pain is my closest friend, too bad it last forever. if only love was the same I may die alone but maybe not in vein
I love both of them and want both of them
My husband wont have sex with me anymore, he says its because im too fat. does he think thats going to make me want to lose weight
She ended our friendship out of fear and ignorance
I understand why people sell drugs....it's eaiser than dealing with the a-holes you work with
She's a fucking Christian...
I am capable of anything. And will not be stopped, or slowed down by doubt.
Ilike a finger in my butt..lol
I want to have sex so bad I'll do it with anyone.
they broke up im so happy
What do I do?
Why am I here again?
my mind is in places it shouldn't be
I fell in love with your best friend
I dressed up like a naughty school and was spanked with a slim jim then he ate it.
afraid my good guy friend i like wont like me back. how should i tell him? seems sometimes that he likes me
She's helped me through so much...I love her. I only wish she would leave her rat-bastard husband.
i lovve seether
He won't beleave he's my first and only...
i just wish he would shut the fuck up!!
I think my best friend is a slut.
I'm wasting time and I like it.
true love doesn't exist - what you think is love, is just infatuation
I secretly wish that people would make more original confessions.
I masturbate with margerine
I am hopelessly in love with my ex fiance. And keep on hoping that him texting me after all these months means that he still loves me. And
shaun morgan is so got and it pisses me off that he wont ever meet me
i get angry that he doesnt even know i exist when i wish he would just get to know me
i want to jump shaun from seether....he is super hot.
An ex keeps on trying to get me to move closer to his hometown and yet he denies he still loves me. Confusion is setting in and so is the painful memories of our last parting.
this is just like fmylife.com but not as good
Shaun Morgan has some crazy secrets. LOL!
I find myself falling more and more out of love with him every day
why do birds have peckers?
I'm in love with a girl, but me being so close to my ex is ruining any chance I ever had of being with her..
large birds keep invading my garage
i'm afraid that i will never find someone who i truely love and wanna be with. i'm afraid i'll always be anting others phiscally, and no one eill ever be able to capture me indefinatly.
I truly love him and I am so happy to have him back
I use to be a call girl. Now I have a wonderful family and a awesome guy. They think I've only been with 10 guys. I've really been with 300. I am ashamed but it's my secret to keep...........
bears lol
"she licked me elbow you think i could catch anything from that?"
I wanna run away with Shaun Morgan.
I'm completely in love with you Shaun Morgan, I've never known someone to be more perfect for me, and I've never even met you....
I think you're with your Ex, but just don't know how to tell me without thinking I'll get mad. Which I won't.. but I will be disappointed.
my gf just left me for her cousin ex husband and it really killing me inside alot i miss her so much i dont no if i can live with out her our her kids
i won't ever tell him how i really feel
I wanna see Seether in Brazil!
sometimes I wish I could get a booty call from an ex
I am in love with someone else and my boyfriend has no clue
when i look at you i feel bad knowing that your happy
I dont really love you even though i tell you i do
I still think about him..all the things he WAS before. I hate to admit but it will prob. make me feel better..I LOVE HIM{who he was}
I love Gary so much I would marry him if he asked me even though I told myself I would NEVER get married again, He has no clue that im so in love with him he thinks we are just friends with benefits :(
she is the most important person in my life and she couldnt care less
i care about him and he dont know it
i dont want to fail...
i'll love him forever, but our relationship is illegal
Our love started and ended a secret..no one would've understood..I wish we could've made it work because now i can't get her off my mind..i want to show my affection to her in person and not over text..I would do anything for you to love me again!
I really love him, but I don't think he is the right guy for me...
you people have no life
I really cared for him, but he stumped on my heart like the rest!
Its hot in here... and I'm all by myself.
One of the most important girl in the world let me go and it is all my fault.
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Sometimes I wonder if he even knows I am in the same room? I love him like I have loved no other
I wish he would give up rights to our kids.....and we would never have to see him again.
I wish he would kiss me more
Wind-up Records sucks... Seether ,get out of there!
I love him so much that sometimes it hurts and even tho we are together I think he is oblivious to that fact
Shaun i'll cook for you
i drive with two feet,,n i'm 40
i hate myself
I am in love with someone from my past but we are both married.
i told my brother i hated him but didnt really mean it now he moved to california
no one wants me because i have a heart promblem , i guess it freaks them out
The only way I can be with the one I love is to lie to my family.
I want to do mischeif to my neighbors 4 being jerks
im still in love with my ex and want to leave my husband so bad for him.
I was away from my boyfriend and i made out with like 4 other guys/girls and didn't tell him
sometimes I fantasize about shooting thoses fuckers in the head!
i love her so much and i would give anything for one more chance with her but she doesnt care and no one understands
Instamental paths of motivation enlighting souls of advanced techniques inviting diversified arrivals of neuroticy...
Iam dead to the world. So why not make it true
Your imoral infemities impair my vision defecting the art of emotion,impairing the connection of skin and bone.
like gold has touched you confidentialy inside...
I am secretly wanting something more
this indulgence of a thought will breed the new lineage inside a colition that has gone mad, the desolion of your mind is just a front you hold in side. We will sever your mask and cut the foreskin from your eyes...
I am just not sure of us anymore
the strongest emotions when I was so so close to another person I feel when I was with the same sex person. an I'm still miss her so much, even she is next to me but now not in tha way I would want to...
Your provocative apothem's in a proveribal name will continue to grow until the world has gone insaine...
I told somthing so sacrid as to possibly save the world in hopes to save my self
wish my husband wouldn't have left me cuz i fucked that girl!
I sometimes absolutely hate my life. I wanna run away and never tell anyone where I am and what I'm doing.
I scream your name when your not around will I fee no paine when you knock me down. When I hear your name I scream in pain the accountable actions are so invaine
Take this painted picture from my head dwelling in the words all to often said lies that brought us to gether into one comprmising mind will soon diffuse the ashes that were so quickly left behind
I'm never gonna dance again, the way I danced with you..
the only thing that can heal me now is to write a song for you some how
I thought I became Jesus in the flesh
when I woke to the thought of what I did I went insaine nowing they would never come back
Cant stop my mind from racing,on about all we have done Ashley,I have fallen for you and
I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep, feeling so fucked up I forgot where I was supposed to be.
I should of wated for her, but no matter what I did she was right when she said she would do somthing about my unfaithful wife...
How do I tell my wife of 10 years that I've been having an affair with another woman for 20.
i'm so depressed
sometimes I have romantic fantasies about another man and its not Shaun Morgan..ok yes it is dammit
I want to die. I wont do anything to make this happen, but I still want to
I should help her cheat
I really want to be his girl but he's already dating and they've been together for 4 years...